We rest the AKARYN brand on a vision and belief system that we consider to be worth sharing with our guests and friends. The brand personality, lifestyle and pillars provide emotional and functional guidelines for the expression of AKARYN - INTUITIVE LUXURY.


Personality The Resorts, Hotels and Retreats share a style and personality best described as a modern classic approach to hospitality. Each is an epicurean destination in its own right, with smart design and intuitive luxury running through its DNA, whether as exclusive city sanctuary or a re ned retreat


Lifestyle Escapists looking for a haven, romantics adrift in the real world, adventurers, dreamers and doers. Rediscover the real treasures... with a re ned sense of romance friends and stakeholders. intuitive luxury

in sanskrit means ‘rays of light’, radiance and warmth which can be felt and sensed but not seen or touched. This is the essence of our brand. It means we know what our guests want, often before they do. It means freedom to indulge aspirations restore wellness, explore romance and embrace nature. It means service that never shouts its name, and hospitality from the heart.